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Olive oil is good for the skin 18 3, 7:31pm

When you must lie to promote a narrative prehaps you should look at the narrative.

This is not a ban it is a halt and the judge in question is a friend of the former POTUS.

Additionally Hawaii has not taken any refugees that I am aware of and has a history of activist judges acting based on money and outrage from off the island. They have enacted many protectionist laws that unfairly tax off island products and services to promote local business but only of those groups and industries that donate and vote to them. The judge did not talk about the legal reasons for challenging the EO but instead went to the progressive playbook and cited "feelings." He ignored case law and precedent and used opinion and creative intent and I am certain and hopeful he is overturned.

But I'm sure I'll get some hate and outrage so go for broke and say Former President Obama had a BAN in place for roughly six to seven months. He denied refugee status for Christians targeted and already attacked by ISIS and refused Saudi offer of ground troops and logistics in the middle east creating a vacuum that ISIS used to establish itself.

Education is the enemy of propaganda and you dear artist are guilty of the most base form of it.