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Olive oil is good for the skin

Olive oil is good for the skin

Ah, world politics. The Netherlands and Turkey have been in each other's hair several times, but it has mostly stayed civil until now.

And Hawaii is having none of Trump America's crap right now.

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17th March 2017
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6 years ago #9611059        

Have you read the executive order?

It's a temporary ban on travel from specific countries, while vetting procedures are examined and revised (this is the stated purpose in the order). After 90 days, the ban ends for all countries but Syria, with immigration resuming under whatever new vetting procedures have been adopted. Preferential treatment will be given to persecuted religious minorities (which can include any Muslim minority denominations). Syria is also only temporary, but it's indefinite, given that it is a 'hot' region of the world, and vetting could be more difficult.

At worst, this is a paranoid waste of time, after which immigration authorities will conclude that no new procedures need to be adopted. After the 90 days, travel will resume. I have read the executive order, and see no problem with it. While there may be legal issues with it (as law is often complex and arcane) there is nothing in there I would consider morally objectionable. Maybe add a deadline by which Syrian immigration must be reconsidered, rather than an open-ended indefinite ban. To put Trump next to Holland almost electing a man who wanted to ban mosques and the Quran is disingenuous bullshit. Regarding this situation Trump is, at worst, paranoid. Geert Wilders was a facist, plain and simple.

I am worried, because this kind of reaction to Trump is what gave that facist Wilders a chance. Whenever anything happens that might so much as inconvience Muslims, a certain part of the world throws a fit, calling it racist and bigotted. When the left refuses to take any consideration of problems that are the result of mass immigration of people from a part of the world where people support the death penalty for apostasy (and harsh penalties for blasphemy), they leave a big gaping hole for people like that Dutch Facist to come into. When the Southern Poverty Law Center declares Majiid Nawaz a man trying to reform his religion in a more peaceful direction an "Anti-Muslim Extermist" they disallow reasoned discourse, which can only leave room for unreasoned discourse.

There does not appear to be any serious political anti-muslim movement in the US, at least not yet. But if the only choice presented to people is between the SPLC view of the world, and the Geert Wilders view of the world... then I couldn't blame anybody for voting for Wilders, because the world has gone mad and presented them with two insane perspectives. The best way to avoid that mad dichotomy is to stop treating things like Trumps travel ban as if it were fueled by nothing more than bigotry.

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6 years ago #9610718        

I was amused by the (very stupid) Twitter troll who commented that Hawaii was 5000 miles away from 9/11, so they should sit down and shut up. The Twitterverse dumped a whole ton of "Pearl Harbor, you stupid idiot" on the guy.

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6 years ago #9611169        

When you must lie to promote a narrative prehaps you should look at the narrative.

This is not a ban it is a halt and the judge in question is a friend of the former POTUS.

Additionally Hawaii has not taken any refugees that I am aware of and has a history of activist judges acting based on money and outrage from off the island. They have enacted many protectionist laws that unfairly tax off island products and services to promote local business but only of those groups and industries that donate and vote to them. The judge did not talk about the legal reasons for challenging the EO but instead went to the progressive playbook and cited "feelings." He ignored case law and precedent and used opinion and creative intent and I am certain and hopeful he is overturned.

But I'm sure I'll get some hate and outrage so go for broke and say Former President Obama had a BAN in place for roughly six to seven months. He denied refugee status for Christians targeted and already attacked by ISIS and refused Saudi offer of ground troops and logistics in the middle east creating a vacuum that ISIS used to establish itself.

Education is the enemy of propaganda and you dear artist are guilty of the most base form of it.

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6 years ago #9611049        

And then Sister Japan gets a nosebleed...

6 years ago #9610620        

Most Americans don't like trump. He lost the popular vote during the election but still won because archaic beauracracy, his approval rating is a toilet, and the only reason his party doesn't care is because he distracts the country while they can ram through terrible policies while they have house/senate majority (ie. The new healthcare plan and dismantling the department of education and environmental protection agency). It's all rather sad...

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6 years ago #9611835        

"I'm trying to do everything Hitler did to my people cuz I'm the greatest leader in the whole universe. Hell, I'm a fucking Caliph, who can stop me? My people? I'll bomb the shit out of them! Other leaders better not oppose me, because democracy, freedom and shit. If they do, I'll call 'em Neo-Nazis and Hitler himself, that'll shut them up...

...I'm awesome."

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6 years ago #9611033        

Turkey still won't admit the Armenian Genocide happened. On par with Holocaust deniers.

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6 years ago #9610764        

It's not a Muslim ban. It's a ban on unstable middle-eastern countries that have poor or no background checks during their immigration process to other countries.

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6 years ago #9610543        

Its's just hilarious how Erdogan is accusing Germany and the Netherlands of being Nazis when the turkish ministers just haven't properly registered themselves like any politician, foreign or not, would have had to.
I recently saw a satirist who was talking about this and how Erdogan wants to detract power from the parliament and all... and how similar that was to a certain someone. XD Has any of you ever had Hitler and how he became dictator as a subject in history class?

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6 years ago #9611238        

Trump is trying to stop terrorists from entering the country. Now that ISIS is losing they're all flocking to the west, Europe is basicaly fucked

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