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@PaxRomana I know, I am aware of that disgusting fact too. Problem is, I don't think they are very sorry at all, much like when Japan finally formally apologized for forcing women in South Korea to become "comfort women", when only a few years prior, Japan threw an apoplectic diplomatic snit when the city of Glendale, CA erected a regular life sized statue of a women in memory of those South Korean comfort women, claiming those women wanted to be prostitutes to the occupying Japanese forces during WWII.

From an LA Times article: "..., multiple delegations of conservative Japanese politicians have traveled to Glendale to ask the City Council to get rid of the monument.


For years, surviving comfort women have been calling on the Japanese parliament, known as the Diet, to draft a resolution apologizing for the mistreatment of an estimated 80,000 to 200,000 women from Korea, China and other countries.

But the awareness campaign has angered Japanese nationals who deny that their country was involved in a system of sexual slavery, despite a personal apology to former comfort women from an ex-prime minister and an admission by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs that some women working in brothels overseen by the government were deprived of their freedom."

Since this article was published, Japan has formally apologized.