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Olive oil is good for the skin 20 3, 12:45pm

Of course. The "Muslim Ban"* was written by lawyers.
It could be a completely empty sheet of paper for all people give a damn about. It won't have any real effect anyways (aside from a couple millions lost in trade).
So long as the Public** treats it as a Muslim Ban, it's a Muslim Ban.

You are missing the big picture.

The "Muslim ban" is a FUCKING INSANE proposal to make. And an stupidly inflammatory way to frame it.

When your public discourse ever-so-slightly appeases xenophobes, then Bigotry takes hold.
People like easy answers.
Xenophobia is the easiest of them all.
There's a reason it's so hard for famous anti-Islamism or Islam Reformation scholars (like Sam Harris or Maajid Nawaz***) to get their point across:
"You have to be quite educated to understand why xenophobic policies aren't the answer. And even more to support changes within a culture that's completely alien to you".

Go ask people what the hell is the "SPLC" and what does it do. Nobody cares.

No Anti-Muslim Institutions?
Were there ever established Anti-Women or Anti-Negro institutions? ¡Of course not!
The only reason Pro-Slavery institutions existed was because they were Trade Unions.

There already are "anti-muslim" institutions.
These backwards-activism exist within backwards institutions like the KKK, or the infowars mailing list.
There are hundreds of xenophobic groups where the ignorant can share and spread their prejudices.

And when they get the tiniest of approval, they come out of their shame-holes.

Look, one of my best friends is a Neonazi.
Xenophobes aren't evil, they aren't dumb, some are well-informed!
They just hold a lot of faith on a Easy Answer... a pernicious easy answer.

And as I said. Easy Answers are like a cancer. It spreads and kills from within.

It's metastasis when a Public figure spreads the hate.

* Trump gave it the name through his campaign, not the media nor liberals)
** The Media, Politicians and Public Discourse
*** Sam Harris and Majiid Nawaz condemn the Muslim Ban too.
As Nawaz said. "Trump is trying to crack a nut with a sledgehammer, and he is missing" (parraphrasing).