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Olive oil is good for the skin 21 3, 7:19am


Did you not read a word I wrote?

"You admit that there IS coordination between a political government entity and the people who direct the news, in an effort to stop them from reporting on a negative story"

NO - there is no "coordination" - Chuck Todd said as much in the article you yourself linked to!
A mail from an political operative doesn't prove cooperation in any way of course.
I can send a mail to the White House right know with the header "Donald, this must stop" right now - that doesn't prove that Trump is "coordinating" with me, of course.

As Todd said in the article - and as I wrote to you - this happens all the time and this is how democracy works. Politicians and their staff try to get their message out and they try to influence not only voters but journalists too of course.

"If you want to say everyone does it, you're going to need to back that claim up."

Yeah Todd just said so - in the article you linked to. Also every political journalist in any democracy in the world can tell you this is how it works.

"Here's evidence of them doing it, and you aren't even saying that it's a bad thing."

No, all this is evidence of is that someone at the DNC sent Chuck Todd an email. That's not a bad thing - it's a very normal thing.

And I brought up the GOP and the Russians because it's a fact the Russians broke into GOP servers as well - the US intelligence community has confirmed that.
But they chose to not release that stuff, since they wanted to hurt the DNC to help Trump win.
But if they would have released the GOP's mail you'd see the same kind of mails sent from them.

Chuck Todd probably has a bunch of complaints in his inbox from both sides - but as I said these things are not usually talked about in public and Todd would never release them since their meant to be confidential.
Journalists need to be able to have informal conversations with politicians and other officials sometimes - that's why the phrase "off the record" exists.

"Seriously, you're looking at complete evidence of censoring of news, or at the very least an attempt at it that wasn't denied by the director, and you're not even saying this is wrong."

Christ you're a broken record...
No - there is still no evidence at all here - not even a partial one.
And I don't even know what "director" you're talking about here, but if it's someone from MSNBC I'm sure they said the same thing journalist always do in these situations; that their discussions with others are confidential and that they can't betray that trust by discussing in any detail what other have said to them.

In general terms they do however of course claim their independence and that they're not "coordinating" with anyone or censuring any news.
You might believe otherwise but if you want to convince me or an average person of that you need more "proof" then this email.