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Olive oil is good for the skin 18 3, 9:37pm

@Baddancer It's a halt, so a temporary ban. Semantics. "Ban" is the president and his administration's word, by the way.
I don't know how citing Trump's own boasts during the campaign is citing feelings, and if you think that is possible to hang a case on then you really don't understand American law. Also, the precedent was set a few weeks ago, when the last travel ban was shot down in court.

This order is not banning all travelers from Muslim countries because Trump and his administration know they cannot legally or logistically implement such a thing. They are trying to work around the law in the same manner Trump has manipulated the law while running his shitty businesses. Think about it: if he just needed time to plan his "extreme vetting" procedure, why have we seen no progress on that front? Shouldn't that be his priority instead of watering down the travel ban until it meets the technicality of law? How much time and effort has been wasted on this?

Particularly considering there was no imminent threat coming from any of these countries. Therein lies the enormous difference between Obama's actions and Trump's. Obama responded to a direct threat, which is the prerequisite for implementing a travel ban.

All of your (incorrect) talking points come directly from Fox news, widely known for its propaganda, yet you accuse another of falling for propaganda? Give me a break.