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Olive oil is good for the skin 18 3, 11:40pm

@stfrantica thank you for the well thought out and civil response, it is appreciated. I will give you a break.

On the contrary I have a good handle on Constitutional law and how our American laws were structured, at least at one point, after that document.

First I will state that I do not support or enjoy Fox news I believe most mainstream news exists only to provide an echo chamber for people. Rarely do they report anything against the party narrative. My question is do you believe that any network does not act in the same way. News networks have become little more than commentary on tweets and heavily biased reporting from both sides.

Second the previous immigration pause was not shot down it was poorly written and tied up by a virtue signalling judge and rather than drag it through court a better (somewhat) version was written.

My issue with the judge is that the written brief does not adequately cite cause for revoking it. Pure and simple the judge ruled on feelings and not facts. Legally you can only argue the facts not how you feel the facts should be viewed based on how you 'feel' the speaker was motivated. You did not dispute my other stated points but instead said that is is okay because Former President Obama did it. This is the constant defense I am presented with when I bring up any similarity between President Trump and Former President Obama's policies.

Either what is good for the goose is good for the Gander or else hypocrisy thy name be judged.

There was, and is, a demonstrable cause for a pause in immigration while a workable process for vetting can be had. In simple terms you do not continue to fill a bucket that had a hole in it while you plan on how to plug the leak. You stop adding water until the hole is fixed. The 'extreme vetting' at times consisted of nothing more than a translated interview with no documentation and even less than that in others.

Demanding perfection, cooperation, and transparency is apparently trendy again. Less than half a year ago questioning the President was considered verboten. I found this view unpalatable in much the same way I find the feckless attacks on the sitting POTUS distasteful. I hold and will continue to hold President Trump to the same standard I held Former President Obama to and Former President Bush to. I have no agenda and no inclination to hold one to any different standard or make excuses for actions.