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Olive oil is good for the skin 11 4, 11:55pm

Still the wrong sector.

Your government is still facing large deficits every year, to a point where they had to suspend operations of state institutions because they could not afford them. Apparently your private sector's growth is not nearly getting through to them as well as you'd hope. Obama managed to reduce your yearly deficit quite a bit lately, but it is still very significant and growing again after a low of 438 million in 2015. And looking at Trump's policies, it is going to be back to quadruple digits again in no time, as it was last time in 2012. Logically, your national debt is increasing as well, reaching new all time highs every year and sitting somewhere around 19 trillion at this time. Which is more than 100% of your GDP despite the latter's growth.

And this is what we were talking about. Not the private sector, but the state finances.