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Olive oil is good for the skin 20 3, 8:39am

@Baddancer Do you realize how condescending it sounds for you to first accuse Humon of being gullible, then tell me you'll "give me a break"? I just want you to hear how you're coming across.

Whatever your concept of constitutional law is, you have to accept that most consider the constitution to be a living document that is subject to interpretation. That is literally why the supreme court exists. You also have to accept that there are sometimes legal questions which arise from unprecedented actions, such as those of Trump's. Judges are often forced to make decisions regarding the spirit of the law when the letter of the law is ambiguous or inadequate for the situation. Calling a ruling "feelings" based is reductive.

If by goose and gander you are referring to the travel bans, there is a clear difference between the two. Obama perceived an imminent threat from Iraq because a terror plot was narrowly thwarted whereas Trump targeted countries that had been barred from a visa waiver program under Obama. Meaning these countries were already being more closely scrutinized than the others. That made those countries a prime starting point for the ban which Trump promised multiple times during the campaign. If he and his supporters didn't want to be under this much scrutiny, legal or otherwise, they might have toned down that damning rhetoric just a hair.

For the record, I absolutely don't agree with everything Obama did, and it took me years to even like him as a president. It's asinine to assume that people who dislike Trump, or even the MSM, just blindly allowed Obama to do whatever he wished without criticism. That man endured a LOT of criticism and a LOT of opposition, but people have short memories.