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Olive oil is good for the skin 21 3, 1:35am

@Nisse_Hult I just pulled up the article that was first listed, and that was just to confirm to you that the email was a valid email and not fabricated. I don't read the Washington Times. That's hardly the point though.

You admit that there IS coordination between a political government entity and the people who direct the news, in an effort to stop them from reporting on a negative story, but even them being a political agency and the other being a liberal news network isn't important. It wouldn't really matter if it was the President or the Mafia, if someone calls the director of a news station and says to stop reporting on something, and the coverage stops, that's a serious issue. Nothing about Russia, nothing about politics, one organization influencing another to hide bad news about it is wrong. If you want to say everyone does it, you're going to need to back that claim up. Here's evidence of them doing it, and you aren't even saying that it's a bad thing.

Seriously, you're looking at complete evidence of censoring of news, or at the very least an attempt at it that wasn't denied by the director, and you're not even saying this is wrong. You're talking about Russia and dictators and Trump, but won't say "This is a bad thing that compromises the news they tell us".

You wanted your evidence and you got it. Admit there is a problem. Don't bring in Russia, don't bring in Trump, don't muddle this event with anything else. Look at this event, at what happened, and say whether you think this is honest behavior or untrustworthy.