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Olive oil is good for the skin 19 3, 10:58pm


Yes, it's ridiculous - because as I suspected this is not a real thing.

All you have is a mail sent by some one a DNC that wanted MSNBC to stop criticizing then DNC chairman Debbie Wassermann Schultz.
Chuck Todd, the person who actually got this, is quoted in the article you linked to as saying this is a "non-issue":

"I think it's clear what it was. Someone complaining about coverage," Mr. Todd said. "Something that happens daily from every campaign we interact with."

Journalists get these kind of letters from political operatives during campaign season all the time. It's political operatives job to try and influence the media to report positively about them and it's the medias job to resist that influence.
This kinf of thing has gone on for ever in every democracy in the world. Usually it's conducted like this, in private, though - and not by the POTUS attacking specific networks on twitter and calling them "enemies of the people".
That's the kind of thing you see in dictatorships - not in democracies.

If the Russians who hacked both the DNC and the GOP had released what they got from the GOP you'd have the same kind of letters sent from them.
But the Russians of course didn't, since their aim was to hurt only the Democrats to help Trump win - the joint US intelligence community has already stated that.

And a friendly advise - stop reading the Washington Times. It's one of only a handful of right-wing news sources that's approved by the Trump administration because they only publishes Trump's spin.

On the side you linked to they push an article by Andrew Napolitano - the Fox News pundit who recently claimed that Obama used the British intelligence community to spy on Trump. A claim White House press secretary Sean Spicer repeated which led to immediate denials and anger from the British. The White House had to call and apologize for that one.

Also on the site is a reader poll where people are asked if Rachel Maddows release of one year of Trump tax returns was "fake news".
As of now 80% of the readers of the Washington Times believe so.

"Fake news" is untrue news - not news you disagree with.
Trump tax returns where completely true - the White House actually released the figures BEFORE Rachel Maddow, when she said she had them and they have never made any attempt to deny them, at all.

So no - they where clearly not in any way "fake news".
Obama spying on Trump or networks agreeing to censor news after a request from the DNC - THAT'S fake news.