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Swedish Graduation

"Vi har tagit studenten, för vi har tagit studenten, för vi har tagit studenten, fy fan va vi är bra!"
- Swedish graduation song

So today, I finally graduated! Feeling hyped, and had to celebrate with a drawing!

Swedish graduation (Studenten):
- Everyone gets a paper plate medallion from their classmates jokingly dissing them
- Families give the graduates (way to many) stuffed animals
- Graduates parade through the town on decorated tractors with ridiculously loud music
- Everyone gets drunk

By: Bubbleangst 6th June 2019

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17% of all Finns are lactose intolerant, but the country still drinks the most milk per capita in the world.

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It takes approximately 1400 meters of yarn to make a simple sweater and at least twice that to knit a "fancy" one. It also takes 4pounds of clean fleece to make the yarn.


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1 month ago #9823598        

Those medallions... "Class's Nerd" and "Class's Flirt"? That's prefect, I'm going to call them "Nerd & Flirt" next chance I get.

2 months ago #9822641        

Only just seen this but belated congratulations. :D Hopefully your liver has recovered by now. ;)

6 months ago #9818255        

Congratulations ! When I was in Stockholm it was amusing to see all the graduates in what looked like sailor hats. But nice at the same time. Well done!

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