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Olive oil is good for the skin 19 3, 4:17am

@v0ider No, its a ban on refugees from those countries. The whole point of being a refugee is that your own country is not safe for you. The countries that are on the list don't vet them, we do. All refugees coming from those countries are vetted by the United States in a process that is the strictest in the world. If you have a problem with inadequate background checks, talk to the NSA, FBI, CIA, and DOD because they're the ones who determine if a refugee should be cleared to enter the country (FYI, they're pretty damn good at their jobs, you have a higher chance of becoming one of Trump's wives than getting killed by a terrorist attack by a refugee. You know why? Because there have been no fatal terror attacks committed by refugees since 1980)

John Oliver is a comedian who explains this all breathtakingly well, and I highly recommend his video as it's very informative.