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Picky Denmark 31 3, 6:14pm

This whole comic almost seems as if everyone is trying to find out what food is good to give Denmark. XD
Denmark: I'm hungry.
Europe: Okay, I'll go find something. Hey, America! Denmark is hungry!
America: Alright, I'll figure something out. Hey, China! Denmark's hungry! Do you have anything?
China: I'll go see. Hey, Congo! Denmark is hungry! You don't happen to have anything on you, do you?
Congo: Well, I have some African food. Do you think Denmark'll like that?
China: No, it's probably been washed in poo water. I guess I'll just give him some of mine. Here, America! Some Chinese food might do good!
America: Eh, nope. Your hygiene standards are too low, and I don't think Denmark likes dog or cat meat. I know he loves American food though, so here, Europe, give this to Denmark!
Europe: Are you crazy?! You use WAY too many chemicals! Denmark only wants the best, and that's what I'm going to give him!
Denmark: So, do I get any food?
Europe: Yes! Here, Denmark! Some good, clean, European food, and I KNOW you'll love it!
Denmark: ... No. You use bad fat acids, I'm not eating that. I guess I'll just have some Danish food.