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@TheLynx012 I gotta admit, I am glad Trump is the President. Looking at what he has done so far, he seems to favor ACTING instead of TALKING.
I don't see how he is a sexist (Pointing your finger at a decade-old quote is not reason enough), or a racist ("Islam" is not a race. Nor is "Mexican"). While I can definitely, DEFINITELY understand and sympethise with people who are ferociously against him, I also have a very hard time taking them seriously if their entire argument boils down to "HE SAID SOMETHING I DON'T LIKE!"

Sorry, I follow a lot of right-wing/nationalist/borderline genuinely racist pages/groups on Facebook, and I know very well what kind of impression it makes if someone took a look at my account. But, I also have this kinda "superiority" feeling that I KNOW what "kind" of person I am. I KNOW what people will think when I tell them my opinion, I know what they will "label" me. And that places me one step ahead of them.