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Swedish Politics

The political climate in Sweden. It sucks at the moment.

Time for an explanation. Sweden recently got a new party voted into parliament, Sverigedemokraterna. They are known as an extremely “immigrant suspicious” party, and having them in the parliament does not suit the Swedes who have always proudly proclaimed themselves to be the least racist Scandinavian country. Especially Denmark has been called the big racists of the North because of their party Dansk Folkeparti.

Sverigedemokraterna are often compared to Dansk Folkeparti, and therefore the Swedes goes back and forth between calling Sverigedemokraterna a Danish party, and a Nazi party.

That of course got the attention of the Danes, because they felt they were being called Nazis, so they followed the election closely, and when Sverigedemokraterna got voted in, the “MUWAHAHAHA!!! Who are the nazis now, bitches!!?!” from the Danes could be heard all the way to Greenland. :XD:

And it can still be heard whenever some Danish specialist in Swedish politics is on the news and have to explain what is going on. It’s so hilariously obvious that they are enjoying this chaos waaay too much. :XD:

6th October 2010

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2 years ago #9401384        



Latest metro poll shows 25.1% would vote for them... but yeah blame Scania :P

Maybe if people weren't so terrified of discussing immigration policy the Sweden Democrats wouldn't have a monopoly on the issue...

8 months ago #9567526        



I can understand that people are suspicious and afraid of the immigrants from the Middle East, and that it might be a big problem in the near future. Me myself have gotten annoyed with those who sit outside of stores begging for money, but I still want to help them in some way. We can help them in other ways than what Sverigedemokraterna wants. To drive them out of the country and just let them survive on their own, I don't think so. They have suffered and traveled a long way from a place where war is constantly going on, and where they wouldn't stay safe one second. It is so much better if we help those poor refugees, and show that we really are what a human being is supposed to be. Life on Earth would be a better place if we all respected and loved every each and one of the population. We all are the same species, even if we have whatever skin color or whatever hair color etc.
Don't let people like Sverigedemokraterna or definitely Donald Trump rule our countries with their racist, sexist and overall disgusting comments and opinions. if you are about to vote, or are going to vote in the next years, please be careful and research who you are thinking of voting for. Otherwise you'll never really know what kind of person that man or woman really is.

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1 year ago #9480214        




4 months ago #9630706        



*Denmark gets cornered*

England : "That's MY monocle."
France : "That's MY cigarette holder."
Iceland "That's MY soul-eating kitty."

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4 months ago #9620374        



How do you even pronounce all of these


15 M
5 months ago #9619152        




7 months ago #9587874        



I join Sverigedemokraterna as they need to leave the EU as the EU is a terrible airline.

7 months ago #9580767        



I lived in Northern Sweden during this "crisis", and I can honestly say, as an EU migrant, it was probably the most scared I have been in a long time.
The words "invandrare", and "flykting" were pretty much interchangable for a while.
A lot of the people I talked to who voted SD were scared that their national identity was going to be erased, and that they felt less "Swedish".

I can understand what they mean, I fell in love with Sweden (and miss Sweden).
I don't want to turn it into something else.


23 M
9 months ago #9554010        



Who knew this comic would be relevant again, just on the other side of the Atlantic.

1 year ago #9464541        



How's that multiculturalism working out for you these days?

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