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National Personifications

National Personifications

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First, let’s make this clear: I did not make any of these up. They are all old national personifications of countries that I just re-drew.

I wanted to see what they looked like next to each other.
From left to right:
Lady of the Mountains (Iceland)
Ola Nordmann (Norway)
Holger the Dane (Denmark)
Mother Svea (Sweden)
Finnish Maiden (Finland)
Adelita (Mexico)
Uncle Sam (USA)
Mother Canada (Canada)
Jock Tamson (Scotland)
Kathleen Ni Houlihan (Ireland)
John Bull (England)
Dame Wales (Wales)

I tried to give them individual personalities as I see them from their pictures. :)

5th October 2010

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6 months ago #9567647        



The Finnish Maiden looks so adorable >~<

5 months ago #9584217        



I wish we could have a comic with the goddess Britannia possibly as a mother figure to England (America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada look up to her a kindly Grandmother) but England feels overshadowed by her - always trying to lead by her example and falling short, so when Grandma Britannia comes for a visit, England cowers awaiting some kind of punishment whilst everyone else crowds around her to greet her.

Wales, Scotland and both Irelands acknowledge her like a maiden aunt, not strictly part of their family but liked enough to remain civil with her.

@humon any chance of this as future strip during a less eventful time?

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19 M
5 months ago #9581969        



Mother Canada remains me of a type of greek goddess

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8 months ago #9553303        



France's got Marianne, a young woman with a Phrygian cap representing the republic.
You'll see her basically everywhere : on stamps, on coins... Every town halls of France has to have a sculpted bust of her and the tradition is that, once in a while, a famous French woman is used as model : Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve and others you certainly have never heard of.
The one made from the French fashion model Laetitia Casta is famous for its rather daring cleavage (this is France after all) ;)


22 F
1 year ago #9466121        



Technically, Uncle Sam is just the personification of our government. Our nation is Columbia. She was used a lot during World War I and the Western Expansion to represent freedom, so a lot of political cartoons used her to show support for racial equality, black suffrage, veterans' rights, etc. Uncle Sam was strictly more of a recruiting tool and a symbol of patriotism, which is why he was on most of the recruitment/war bond adverts during both World Wars. Columbia is also at least a century older than Uncle Sam is.

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2 years ago #9427762        



Adelita is just lovely and gorgeous.
She seems to be ready to fight and die with Francisco Villa in the Mexican Revolution. :D


19 F
11 days ago #9646738        



I know we have den Deutschen Michel in Germany, but I've only ever seen him in history class... Very rarely, too.

5 months ago #9594071        




7 months ago #9557264        



dang, they all look so epic :D
Also 500th comment! Yay, I guess

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25 F
8 months ago #9556019        



I love the look for Mother Canada. She looks shy, but you have to be daring to wear a white sheet :P

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