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Axis Powers after the War 5 4, 3:26pm

A father of my mother was a staff of a company called Nippon Yusen and was a purser of a passenger boat.
My great-grandfather was so, too.
Since foundation of a company in 1885, my great-grandfather and grandfather made their rounds around seven seas with a ship.

But at the WW2, a ship of my grandfather was changed to an injured soldier and the ship which carries medicine and food from a passenger boat.
The red cross was drawn by the hull big.

But the ships he took are also sunk by enemy's torpedo twice.
American soldiers aimed, and shot the hospital ship my grandfathers took though they had been decided by international law when the red cross wasn't supposed to attack a drawn ship.

My grandfather just swam and survived, but other passengers were hardly saved.

My grandfather said to me while forcing a smile after the war.
"Those soldiers didn't attack us. They shot a torpedo for cross…for their God."

…I heard that seemed to be saying "Japanese ignores a war in the past." in Europe and America.
I wrote only the fact that one knows about the war honestly.