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Axis Powers after the War

Axis Powers after the War

I was going though some old papers and found this. A quick sketch of Germany, Italy and Japan.
Many years has passed since the war, but not all of them have quite gotten over it yet. Luckily Germany seems to slowly be getting a bit of his pride back, though there’s still a long way to go.

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5th June 2010
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5 years ago #9438586        

In SATW Germany is like a nice person with a horrible past. It's heartbreaking to see him so sad </3

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5 years ago #9494041        

I love how different these characters are from their Hetalia versions. The stereotypes for the the Axis Powers and the Nordics are portrayed much more accurately here. And the relations between the characters, like England being America's father make a lot of sense. And the SATW fandom doesn't go all hyper-crazy-yaoi-or-die-yaoi-yaoi-yaoi and the whole "respect our OTPs (mostly UsUk or Spamano) or we will hunt you down and burn you at the stake yaoi yaoi yaoi" that you find in the Hetalia fandom.


3 years ago #9710044        

If that "futa" is meant to stand for dickgirl porn, you really need to use the whole word: "futanari". The word literally means "both forms", but "futa" by itself just means "both" or "together" and is a common word or part of many compound words.

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3 years ago #9703935        

Nice hat.


5 years ago #9433361        

We just lost all pride again. We have even political organizations, with litterally the thought in mind "fuck you germany, please die die die!"... and the government is totally fine with that...

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2 years ago #9796835        

Well then again, there are people like me who are obsessed with learning about WW2.... also I’m Japanese, I live in America, and I can speak German......

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3 years ago #9752072        

•During the war:
Was a crazy as hell racist and Mighty dictatorial nation.
•After the war:
A hard working country who is rich as *REEE* and still a world power

•During the war:
Reffered to the UK as Europe's soft underbelly (OOHHHHHH) and either Allies or Axis noone knows
•After the war:
Guy who is also rich and famous for making Pizza and Pasta.

•During the war:
Crazy out of his mind murdering, merciless, suicidal rapist sociopath.

After the war:
Guy again who is rich as *REEEEE* and smart as *REEEE* engineer and advanced media but still works 100 hours a week.

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4 years ago #9676854        

Honestly, SATW is much better with stereotypes than APH, but I just love APH so much, and since I don't really like yaoi, I just don't ship anything lol.
plus APH is just so cute- PASTAAAAA

4 years ago #9618892        

A father of my mother was a staff of a company called Nippon Yusen and was a purser of a passenger boat.
My great-grandfather was so, too.
Since foundation of a company in 1885, my great-grandfather and grandfather made their rounds around seven seas with a ship.

But at the WW2, a ship of my grandfather was changed to an injured soldier and the ship which carries medicine and food from a passenger boat.
The red cross was drawn by the hull big.

But the ships he took are also sunk by enemy's torpedo twice.
American soldiers aimed, and shot the hospital ship my grandfathers took though they had been decided by international law when the red cross wasn't supposed to attack a drawn ship.

My grandfather just swam and survived, but other passengers were hardly saved.

My grandfather said to me while forcing a smile after the war.
"Those soldiers didn't attack us. They shot a torpedo for cross…for their God."

…I heard that seemed to be saying "Japanese ignores a war in the past." in Europe and America.
I wrote only the fact that one knows about the war honestly.

4 years ago #9618891        

At the Second World War, my grandmother, uncle and aunt starved to death.
They were 34 years old, 12 years old and 2 years old then.
Even just before dying, it's said that the young mother to whom mother's milk has not gone out any more was going to give the wheat explained simply in the mouth to my 2-year-old daughter by the mouth move.

When a war ended, my father and grandfather were being only two and were promoting to Japan from Taiwan.
At the time, my father is only 8 years old.

While Japan was governing Taiwan, my grandfather was working as a teacher at a Taiwanese elementary school.
Before life, my grandfather has never returned to Taiwan. My father didn't try to go to Taiwan, too.
I'm work 5 years before for the first time and going to go to Taiwan.

I searched inevitable death for the place where my grandmothers lived and the place where my father was born then.
They were the Taiwanese people who know those days that you cooperated with me.
They even said "You and a father were Taiwanese your father's being born in Taiwan."
And "Your grandfather was a wonderful teacher."
I had never cried with the public up to now, but I cried for the first time then.

A discounted country is handled as "vice" from an international society only by the fact that it was discounted.
Whatever kind of cruel thing is being done during a war, a country where I excel is regarded as "the justice".

I think maybe Denmark in the those days when I lost a battle in the Napoleonic Wars also received such handling.
Though Denmark was raising neutrality, did everyone of all over the world such as that you have dropped an incendiary for the town where a private citizen lives in the UK and that he says it was taken away, and how long Denmark felt sad about Norway tyrannical also think?

But when its Denmark is on good terms with Norway now, and can do, I can have a little ambition in the fact, too.

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