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Equality means no mercy 7 4, 11:10pm

@Nisse_Hult comparing fox news and daily mail to breitbart and the blaze is silly. The first two are mostly legitimate news sites with partisan editorials, and the last two are propaganda. If you can't distinguish between the two, that might be a reflection of your own bias.

Anyways, I always see you on here defensively arguing with people about stuff and honestly you exemplify the delusional nature of mainstream Swedish group-think. My condolences for the attack on your capital, and I sincerely hope you and other Swedish intellectuals start looking at the world as it actually is, as opposed to how you wish it were.

Remember : SD wouldn't be shit if mainstream Sweden was willing to actually speak out loud about immigration. But you're not, so they get sole monopoly of the issue - to *everyone's* loss.

Feel free to respond, btw, but I doubt I'll be interested in going 20 responses deep with you like others have unless it seems like you're gonna be discussing something in good faith.