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Equality means no mercy 7 4, 11:20pm


Well, they're both tabloids and tabloids are not really high quality newspapers - but they're still better then the links you stated out with.

Notice that they unlike your original links don't actually claim this to be a terror attack, but an "apparent terror attack". They might be tabloids but they don't have the American and British far-right agenda of smearing Muslims as much as possible.

Now it's not exactly sure what happened still - but you can see they're clearly besides themselves of excitement over what they hope will prove all their Muslim fear- and hatemongering right.

But even IF this turns out to have been an terror attack perpetrated by one or more Muslims it will still never in a million years prove them right.

Because terror or violence is still not connected to a skin color, religion, a place of birth or any such thing. It's still is and always will be the simple fact that f***ed up people commit violence against others for any number of f***ed up reasons and there are f***ed up people all over the world.

Last time it happened in Sweden it was a neo-Nazi that killed some kids in a school simply because they where immigrants but it's not like the neo-Nazi SD-party thought that said anything particular about all Swedes.

Oh no - when a white Christians commits mass murder he's always just insane and not representative of anyone else.
Only when a Muslim commits mass murder it's a sure proof how every single Muslim is a potential mass murderer in the eyes of the far-right.

EDIT since you edited your comment:

"By the way, you are right.
Anders Breivik was and is 100% crazy person, no one can defend him. "

Oh don't even pretend I've ever said Breivik is crazy because he isn't at all - not in the medical sense of the word.

He's just a committed neo-Nazi that practiced what sooooo many other online are preaching.

He's not mentally unstable or sick - he just follows a very, very sick ideology that preaches that the nation must defend itself from immigrants - even by killing children if need be. Because those children are a greater threat to the nation in the eyes of the neo-Nazis then the mass murder of them.

And he's not alone - there have been a string of these murdered or mass murders being committed by neo-Nazi's/fascists/far-right people all over the western world.
The last type of terror attack we had in Sweden was another one of those that walked into a school and killed some children just because they where immigrants.

To them they're just "defending their nation" from the terrible threat of people with darker skin - it's all perfectly in accordance with their ideological beliefs.