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Equality means no mercy 8 4, 12:01am


I don't know what nationality you are but you obviously don't know shit about the SD-party.

They where founded by neo-Nazi's and had actual old SS-volunteers as members and in the leadership of the party in the early years.

They would show up and wax lyrically about the good old days when they fought for Hitler to the adoring crowds of young neo-Nazi's.

They used to march around in uniforms and have book burnings back then - something that the party forbade in 1995, but it kept happening years after because the members loved that Nazi-stuff sooo much.

They of course where outspokenly antisemitic in those days and didn't really jump on the Muslim-hate-train until later when they chose to switch their main target. As neo-Nazi's they have to hate someone, but they're willing to officially change their target if they think it can help them politically.

They also hated gay's for a long time, until they realized that wasn't actually a vote-winner in liberal Sweden.

As a consequence the Swedish Jewish and HBQT-community don't want anything to do with them at all - despite the fact that they now love to pretend they're a defender of these groups against the evil Muslims.

As a consequence of all this - and the fact that their elected representatives keep getting caught making antisemitic, homophobic and obviously constant racist remarks - they're not even accepted by many other far-right groups in Europe.

They don't want to be smeared with SD's long and ongoing neo-Nazi history and no other party in Sweden will touch them with a ten foot pole.

So yes - SD would definitely be shit whatever anyone else did or didn't do.

People just chose to vote for a neo-Nazi party but since they don't want to admit that they claim SD isn't actually neo-Nazi.
But it is - it's just a matter of fact.

You can't stop people voting for what ever they chose of course and nobody's trying too.
The majority of Swede's just say that we'll never in a million years accept them as a serious party - because they aren't.