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Equality means no mercy 8 4, 12:38am


"If their presences didn't spike crime and terrorism by a significant amount, which it does, there'd be no widespread fearmongering of them."

Ah yes - of course. The excuse of every hatemonger ever. Let's try that on some other groups that's experienced - and are still experiencing - massive amounts of hatemongering directed at them, shall we?

"If the presence of Jews didn't spike crime and the ritual killing of children for their blood sacrifices, which they do, there'd be no widespread fearmongering of them."


"If the presence of homosexuals didn't spike cases of pedophilia and the spread of AIDS, which they do, there'd be no widespread fearmongering against them."

To the hatemonger it's ALWAYS the victims fault that the hatemonger hates them - because the hatemonger of course want to believe he's a perfectly decent person that's only defending against the terrible crimes of his victim.
Hitler didn't wake up, look in the mirror and think "I'm a totally insane mass murderer!".
No - he thought he was the savior of the German people from the filthy Jewish world conspiracy and gassing children to death was just self-defense in his mind.

The problem is just that the hatemonger's can never ever prove that the groups he hates are actually, as a group, responsible for the crimes he accuses them of.

He can prove a number of individual crimes are committed by persons of that group - but so are all crimes so that doesn't prove anything.
Then he doesn't get any further and starts screaming at those that just won't take his words for it that the crimes he claims are tied to the group he hates.
Anyone not willing to believe the hatemonger is either an idiot for not believing, without actual proof, what he does - or they're fooled by the giant conspiracy that always tries to hide the truth.
Hatemonger's love their conspiracy-theory, because they explain why he can never actually prove his claims.

"Well of course Jews kill Christian children - but it's all covered up by the vast Jewish conspiracy that I unfortunately can't prove exist either, but if you don't believe me that's positive proof you're either an idiot, fooled by the conspiracy or part of it.
Because I KNOW that it's all real!"

Yep - Finn123's comment here is the epitome of every hatemonger ever - it's ALWAYS the victims fault. He just can't prove it because of the conspiracy.