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Equality means no mercy 8 4, 2:44am


>> "it's just the fact that all other parties happen to agree on that issue. They're entitled to in a democracy."

This is a mostly-truth. Yes, the parties agree and yes they're entitled to do so - but in doing so they're also ignoring their constituents. Recent surveys show that immigration is a top-3 issue for over 40% of the population. That's a lot. There are a lot of voters in major parties whose concerns aren't being addressed by their party's platform. They're stuck between a rock and a hard place, and some of them have gone to the nazi-rock.

>> "if you're actually JUST "concerned" by immigration policy (which is what basically everybody who votes for SD will ever admit to) - then don't vote for a f***ing neo-Nazi party that will never in a million year get anything done on that or any other issue anyway!"

This is on the surface not a crazy thing to say, but you're not really giving people many options here. Either vote for a mainstream party that doesn't address one of their most important issues, or vote for a fringe party that does. For a voter, those are two bad choices. Giving people two bad choices is a great way to have bad things happen.

Well I guess there's the third option, which is more of a dismissal than an option :

>> "If people are unhappy with that they could start a new party."

Much easier said than done, and I suspect you know that. You're not proposing an actual solution, you're telling people to - figuratively - fuck off. That kind of thinking is dangerous : people who feel ignored and powerless are unpredictable. The US is a good current example of precisely what I'm talking about. Insane shit like "build a wall!" happens when mainstream politicians ignore immigration for 2+ decades.

>> "SD got it's just shy of 13% of the votes and that of course entitles them to exactly no influence at all - unless they can form a coalition with one or more other parties."

13% is also the 3rd most popular party in the country. A Nazi party is the 3rd most popular in Sweden. Either your country is overrun with Nazis, or there's a *serious* problem with the representation they're getting from mainstream parties.