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Equality means no mercy 8 4, 7:26am


Finn123 isn't actually "clearly" defining what he's talking about at all above.

He has the unseemly habit of posting his answers to comments not in the common thread-structure but outside it so his ever comment just pop's up at the top of the comment section.
I guess he likes the attention.

Anyway that means non of us really know what he replied to in PaxRomana's comment.

All he say's is "If their presences" which could technically means anybody anywhere.
We can infer from his further comment that he's talking about immigrants - but not where in the world.

You may believe he talked specifically only about immigrants in Europe - I have to say I took him to mean immigrants generally.

But when people like him talk about immigrants they of course actually only mean dark-skinned, predominantly Muslim immigrants. I'm sure he doesn't have the same prejudices against any Americans immigrating to Finland for instance.