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Equality means no mercy 8 4, 6:46pm

@Nisse_Hult Again : you write way too much. This is honestly the most excessive shit I've ever seen in what's probably years of talking with people online. Assuming you're interested in actually communicating with others, it's in your interest to learn to express yourself with more brevity.

You're making a lot of circular excuses for parties ignoring their voters : voters aren't "members" of a party, they only "vote" for a party, they don't deserve to have their wishes heard for x y or z reason, etc. You also keep repeating "this is democracy", when what you're actually describing are technicalities of parliamentary democracy as it's implemented in Sweden. Lots of excuses and not a single solution.

Meanwhile, recent opinion polls indicate SD has even more support then they did last election, closing in on 20%. Again : a Nazi party has the 3rd most votes, and based on opinion polls is the SECOND MOST POPULAR IN THE COUNTRY. Your response, and that of Swedish intellectuals is to bury your head in the sand and pretend this is something you can ignore. Good luck with that Ostrich strategy, I can guarantee it won't lead anywhere good.

Anyhow, I'm out. It's pretty clear this discussion has reached its logical conclusion.