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Equality means no mercy 8 4, 7:10pm


You're obviously upset that democracy works like it does but I can't do much about that - and I don't want to either.

What you see as a bug is actually a feature of democracy.
As I said - there as simply not enough people that support SD's agenda for them to get into power by themselves and they're not willing to compromise in any way so this is their choice.

They've chosen to not have any political influence at all, but to stay ideologically pure - expecting everyone else to come to them. So far that strategy hasen't worked - only time can tell if it ever will.

Opinion polling is not really important - it's the election results that counts and we'll get to see those and deal with them a year and a half from now.

As I said the realities in Sweden have already changed anyway since the last election, because of the massive refugee wave of 2015, so it's really hard to see what SD expect to be doing differently.

Sweden has - like all western nations - signed on to several universal agreements that we can't simply rip up. People have a right to seek asylum that can't be universally rescinded unless you want to end up a pariah in the world like Trump and I don't think most Swedes will think that's a very good idea for us to emulate.

SD's supporters might - but as I've said there's not enough of them to get to decide that.

And if they ever get to the point they get to answer for the consequences if they do.

In the mean time I fully understand if the other parties are reluctant to institute policies they don't themselves belive in simply to please SD or their voters - and as I said none of them has any responsibility to do so.

You obviously disagree, but your reasoning here is not based on fact but on your personal opinion.