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Equality means no mercy 8 4, 7:52pm


You can tell yourself that but it's actually all about skin color.

Many other European far-right parties are racist against other Europeans as well - especially eastern Europeans like Poles and Slavic people.
SD in Sweden aren't (at least not officially) because their official stance it that it's based on religion and Europe is of course predominantly Christians of varying denominations.
The Judeo-Christian religions makes us all share a common enough culture that they're all fine in Sweden according to SD.

They thought that was a handy way for them to avoid saying they're against dark skinned people - the problem is just that there's actually a lot of Christians in the rest of the world too.
Including areas where they actually want to stop all people coming from.
So their own definition breaks down quickly if you just pose some follow up questions like:

But what about the Christian Assyrians in Syria - and you want to stop their immigration too?
The same for the Ethiopian Orthodox from Ethiopia and Eritrea for instance - about half of the population of those countries are actually Christians, but you still claim they as a group can't assimilate in Sweden?
What about all the Copts from all over the middle east - they're all Christian too and all of these peoples have actually been Christian for longer then we Swedes have?
How can they suddenly not count as Christians to you when they definitely are?

Then they start talking about some other undefined "cultural" issues - that for some unclear reasons means that SOME Christians aren't actually included in the Judeo-Christian tradition.
This lacks all merit in facts - but it conveniently means that all people with darker skin is suddenly excluded from that group..
But then it's no longer actually about religion or culture at all but place of birth - which is what they actually meant all along, but don't want to admit publicly.