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Equality means no mercy 8 4, 8:43pm


Well we are discussing the Swedish SD-party's situation in Sweden so it's rather pointless not talking about the system we actually have.

All I'm describing to you is how the actual situation is in Sweden - it's all fact based.
You don't like those facts obviously, but that's not really an argument against them and it certainly doesn't make them any less true.

You still haven't answered my question about where you're from so I have no idea how much you actually know about Sweden's parliamentary democratic system but I (and many others) would say it's more democratic then the non-representative democratic systems of the US and the UK.

If we had one of those systems - which are still called democratic - SD wouldn't have any representation at all.

Now they have precisely what their share of the vote was - just shy of 13%.

But since 13% isn't a majority and they refuse to compromise with anyone else they get 0% influence.

Just like it's meant to work.