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Equality means no mercy 9 4, 2:05pm


I'm sure you'd be overjoyed by any terror attack perpetrated by Muslims anywhere as you think that validates the far-rights hatemongering against them.

It's not really hard to understand where you come from when you post three links - all from right-wing websites - within an hour of the attack.

I might add that technically the Swedish police still hasn't ruled this to be a terror attack, but it looks highly probable now.

The links you posted are how ever filled with sensationalist "reporting" about something they didn't actually know shit about when they wrote it. They where just hoping for an attack to "prove" their hatemongering right.

But as I said any terror attack - even if it's committed by one or more Muslim - will never prove the hatemonger's right in their claim that ALL or at least the majority of all Muslims are dangerous or support terrorism or anything like that.

Because that simply not true at all.

"Research and news are good to publish that people can decide what they believe and what they think about some news."

The problem is the links you posted are neither research or news - it's sensationalist speculation only aimed at projecting these sites political perspective.
They don't give a shit about truth or fact - they just want to convince their audience of their own agenda and they select which "news" they write about and in what way to achieve that.
They are not serious news sources at all and linking to them only shows you obviously don't get your "news" from serious sources.