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Equality means no mercy 9 4, 11:24pm


Fox News and Daily Mail are definitely both right wing - and my comment was about them and the link to the Daily Express you first posted - all of them right-wing.

Then, when I pointed that out, you added Swedish Expressen and Aftonbladet and as I said then and you do now - even if they are tabloids as well, they didn't call this a terror attack at that time, but talked about "apparent terror attack".

I'm sure it was big news in Finland but if your TV actually said "there has been (a) terror attack in Stockholm" at that time yesterday, they were actually speaking to soon as no confirmation had actually come in at that time yet.

And the links you posted doesn't only state that as a fact - even though that wasn't establishes at that time - The Daily Mail both then and still today report the completely false claim that: "Up to three men were seen leaping from the lorry and opening fire on officers and pedestrians at around 3pm".

This isn't true at all - it never happened and is completely fake news!

Sweden's largest newspaper Dagens Nyheter today has a run-down of some of all the fake and doctored news that are being spread on right-wing hate sites about this attack and this is listed as one of those "news".

There have also been fabricated footage where a woman in hijab is pictured as walking amongst the dead in Stockholm, seemingly undisturbed by the carnage.
That footage is actually from the attack in Westminster in London some time ago and the photographer that actually took those pictures have reported that the woman was in chock.

Another example is that some right-winger has taken a still shot from an interview on Swedish television with a priest and superimposed a fake quote attributed to the priest as "We have to be able to forgive these terrible things" - but the priest never said that in the interview.
That "news" was spread on twitter by the party secretary of our neo-Nazi SD-party as well.

There are more examples in the article above and these are just the tip of the iceberg - they're lying their asses of on many right-wing websites right now, trying to make the most out of this tragic attack.

"Comparing fox news and daily mail to breitbart and the blaze is silly. The first two are mostly legitimate news sites"

That's a quote from the account "Mickey" here. He's stating his opinion - that's not in any way a fact.
Fox News lies all the time - anyone who bothered to check on them knows that's their entire business model. Right-wing partisan "news" for a right-wing American public.
That's why studies show Fox News viewers are actually less well informed then people that don't watch news at all:

And Daily Mail is so bad that Wikipedias editors recently voted to ban them from use as sources on Wikipedia, because they're simply not a credible newspaper.

So I stand by my previous comment - the sources you linked to are not credible news sources but partisan propaganda outlets for the political right.
And that you, within an hour of the attack posted those three links shows you're either completely unaware of this fact or know this and still push people to read them anyway.