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Equality means no mercy 10 4, 3:12am

@Nisse_Hult First I opened Aftonbladet and Expressen and then I tried to find some English news about this case. ( I have noticed that if I read some interesting news from Finnish newspapers it is good to read what also Swedish newspapers tells, because same news are often told little differently.)
So, Foxnews and Dailymail were one of the first newspaper who told something about this case, that was only reason why I put links to these newspapers, that's all.

By the way, earlier you told that some people in Sweden think that Loreen is not 100% Swedish because she looks little different that "Scandinavian blond women". There is also racism in Scandinavia which is based on the language and Finnish and also Sami people knows this very well. Finland was 700-years east part of Swedish Kingdom and Swedish was official language. If you wanted to succeed in life was Swedish language skills necessary and it was also better if you changed you name to Swedish. Finns know very well how does it feel when people are divided into two different groups and that's reason why "finlands svenska människor tycker att de är bättre folk i Finland"
Do you know, that even today Swedish speaking minority power is much bigger than number of Swedish speaking people in Finland. Do you know, that couple years ago Swedish Party in Finland suggested that all the child should go to DNA test for race specification because Swedish blood can't be diluted too much. Do you know that in bilingual cities in Finland kindergartens all child are divided into two groups Swedish and Finnish speaking groups. Do you know, that if you are Swedish speaking is it easier to get to university to study than Finnish speaking , because starting places are reserved to Swedish speaking people more than as the number of Swedish speaking ratio should to be. So, I would say that Finns know very well what does mean word " racism."

"Språket som delar Finland"