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Equality means no mercy 10 4, 4:29pm


Nothing in your latest comment in any way address the thing I've consistently said - that the three links you originally posted are right-wing websites that pushes right-wing partisan propaganda and not real news.
Maybe we can now agree then that using them as sources was a bad idea and you'll refrain from doing so in the future?

If you're in need of an English language news source to read I can recommend The Guardian, which is a serious newspaper (it amongst other things broke the story about the existence of the US PRISM surveillance program) and it's one of the few that still doesn't use a paywall online:

The New York Times is the most Pulitzer-prize (presented for excellence in journalism) awarded newspaper in the world, but behind a paywall. You do get a number of free articles a month though, so if you just check in there when something really important has happened, you can still access it:

The same goes for The Washington Post - the newspaper that broke the Watergate-story:

All papers of excellent reputation and the highest quality.
There is no excuse for reading partisan propaganda like the Express, the Daily Mail of Fox News - you'll only end up less informed if you do since their goal isn't to fairly report the news but to sell you on their own agenda.

The rest of your last reply doesn't make much sense in the discussion we're having.

Yes, of course there are racists in Sweden to - that's why SD exists.
The SD party secretary who questioned Loreen's Swedishness also in an interview stated that Samis and Jews can't at the same time be Swedes - they have to chose if they're either Sami, Jewish or Swedish - because according to him they can't be both.

Now these clearly racist and anti-semitic views are actually very rare in Sweden today and I don't even think the majority of people who vote for the SD-party actually believes this.
But they still vote for and a support a party that is deeply racist and basically still neo-Nazi, as it started out.

Regarding the situation in Finland I can't really comment in any detail as I don't follow that as closely. I know there's a far-right party in Finland too and I know they are opposed to the Swedish language being thought in schools, but that's about it.

Finland has a large minority of native Swedish speakers and Swedish is one of your official languages, so this isn't a question that really has anything to do with Sweden anymore.
Finns will have to decide how they will settle matters in their own country and I don't think anyone in Sweden has a strong opinion on the subject either way.