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Equality means no mercy 10 4, 6:42pm

@Nisse_Hult OK, Thanks, If I need English language news source I start to read The Guardian, The New York Times and The Washington Post. I promise that I don't use anymore "this kind of right-wing websites" . They were the first sites which wrote something about this case and of course next question should to be "think a little, why they were the first websites ?" You are right, I know that now, Sorry

By the way , yesterday there was local elections in Finland and The Finns Party (almost same than SD-party in Sweden) was the biggest loser.
Finns Party loses out as Greens rise in local elections;
"The populist Finns Party has seen its support drop in local elections on Sunday, with the party polling just 8.3 percent in initial results forecasts. That's well down on the 17.7 percent and the 12.3 percent it drew in the 2015 parliamentary election and the 2012 local elections respectively."

I know that this Finlands language question is Finlands own problem and Finland have to try to solve it somehow. In Finland there is still quite a lot of Swedish rule constitutions and language question is one of them.