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Equality means no mercy 10 4, 11:28pm


I'd recommend The Guardian for reglar use since that's free - on the other you'll soon hit the free number of articles a month if you visit to often.
I have to hold my self back when I do go there, because it's so easy to find another article that seems interesting and then you end up getting blocked for the rest of the month. :-(

I'm impressed you took what I said to heart and I'm sorry if I was to hard on you before, but the way you posted those links so soon after the attack really made the impression you where deliberately pushing a right-wing narrative and when you know some of the things those links claimed where actually not true at all I hope you understand why I didn't like that?

I had no idea there had been local elections in Finland, but thanks for the tip!
Interesting to see that the Finns Party lost ground. Now they're part of the government I gather and populist parties that get that far usually don't fare well as it's much harder to deliver everything they've promised then just promise things.

But still - interesting to know, and also only days after the terror attack in Stockholm. That probably worked in the party's favor as they're of course anti-immigrant - but still they went down at the polls.