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Equality means no mercy 11 4, 2:35am


You're clearly not the person I first thought so I'm happy to say I have to admit I was wrong also!
Very happy indeed! :-)

Ok, that's interesting to hear. So what is this "National Coalition" - is that another party in Finland then?

Yes, that's interesting to see - that the Finnish people didn't react like one might have expected.
Interesting and very smart of them, because nothing does in fact change by an attack like this.

If it did the terrorists would win. That's the very point to always remeber with terrorists - their entire goal is to provoke a violant response that will play into their hands.
So by not overreacting you're actually defeating the terrorists because you're denying them the violent counter-reaction they where counting on.

Attacks like these can never ever defeat a nation - only an overreaction from the nation attacked could ever lead to that.