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Equality means no mercy 11 4, 1:47pm


You can post any number of right-wing/far-right-wing/conspiracy-nut case-sources and chose to believe them - but as I said many Swedes with personal experience have already stated here that the lies come from the media you chose to believe.

I doubt you've ever been to Sweden and probably most of the "journalists" in those publications hasn't been either - but still they and you believe you know better then us Swedes what life is like in our own country?

The only people actually in Sweden that's pushing this narrative is supporters of our far-right neo-fascist SD-party that does everything they can to smear Sweden.
Like all fascists, while claiming to love their country, they actually hate what it actually is and only live to transform it along neo-fascist lines into the nation of their dreams.
They have been very active in feeding pure lies to their far-right brethren abroad for sure.

But you'd be hard pressed to find any Swede who isn't a far-right sympathizer, with any experience of these so-called "no go zones".

As I said I lived in one of them for 15 years and nada, zip, nothing happened to me there. It's a regular suburb that's socio-economically challenged with a lot of immigrant, but it's nothing like the war zone hellish descriptions your right-wing sources feed you descriptions of.

So maybe, before you tell me what the "truth" is about the country I've lived in my whole life and the area I've spent 15 years in, you should come see it for yourself - and not just trust a bunch of clearly biased right-wing sources?