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Equality means no mercy 11 4, 3:44pm

National Coalition (NCP) , Kokoomus same as Moderata Samlingspartiet 20,7%
SDP, Sosiaalidemokraatit same as Socialdemokratiska Arbeterparti 19,4%
CEN, Keskusta same as Centerpartiet 17,5%
GREENS, Vihreät same as Miljöpartiet De Gröna 12,4 %
FINNS , Perussuomalaiset same as Sverigedemokraatterna 8,8%
LEFT, Vasemmistoliitto same as Vänsterpartiet 8,8%
SPP, Ruotsalainen kansanpuolue på svenska det är Svenska Folkpartiet 4,9%
CD, Kristillisdemokraatit same as Kristdemokraterna 4,1%
It is funny to see that we have practically the same parties in Finland and in Sweden, well in Finland there is no more (earlier there was) liberalerna and of course there is no Svenska Folkpartiet in Sweden.

You are right, we have to live just normal life otherwise we act just like all the terrorist wanted