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Equality means no mercy 12 4, 4:55am


OK, so the Finnish equivalent of Moderaterna sent out a text message warning it's representatives to not say anything else then offer condolences after the terror attack? Interesting. I wonder what they where afraid their representatives might say?

Yes, they're basically the same. But it's interesting Finland doesn't have a liberal party any more since our Swedish liberals did the second worst election in their entire history in the last election and are really struggling too.
But your SPP - Svenska Folkpartiet - is liberal, I guess? At least that - Folkpartiet - is what our liberals used to be called until they recently changed their name to Liberalerna recently. A name change that lead to more mockery then praise as one of the reasons they're doing so poorly is that they're basically not liberal anymore, but a minor version of Moderterna - our right-wing party.

Yes, we have to and as I said - there is no way any terrorist can actually seriously hurt our societies if we don't let them.
Of course ever single death is terrible, but a society is much stronger then that as long as it just carries on and doesn't loose it's own head.

Look at London - they've had terror in the form of the IRA, the Germans dropping bombs on them in two world wars and now Islamic terrorists and none of those have ever broken that city or nation.

"Keep calm and carry on" as the posters say - that's really all there is to it.