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Equality means no mercy 13 4, 7:46pm


"Muslims" doesn't need any "apologists" because "Muslims" as a groups has done nothing to apologize for.
Just as Jews, Homosexuals, Trangender people and any other group the far-right hatemonger's against hasn't.

Only idiots and conspiracy-nuts believe that any such group is as a group responsible for anything.
Sane and decent people knows the difference between individuals who are responsible for every action they take and groups which are not universally responsible for anything as no group is a monolith but made up of a lot of individuals that act independently.

And you actually know that too - you're just using a double standard against everyone you don't conceive of as part of "your" group.

Because you don't think you and all other white, Christian Americans are responsible for every crime committed by other white, Christians Americans - of course.

Only "others" are in your mind collectively responsible for any action anyone you consider part of the same group commit.