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Equality means no mercy 14 4, 2:40am


You've got that completely backwards - which everyone except those in your little right-wing bubble knows.

The amount of outright lies and spin from the right-wing media, their hate-sites online and obviously your twitter troll in the White House is just insane.
I mean it's gotten so bad even some of Fox News own news anchors can't even ignore the lying anymore. And that's one of your own propaganda outlets!

But people like Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith knows that if they go along with the insane level of lies the Trump-administration is now pushing, soon no one will believe a word they say.
They'll be as useless as Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer that have been reduced to nothing more then bad jokes after just a few months of peddling Trump-lies.

Every single reputable news source in the western world have run countless articles and stories about the just insane level of lies emanating from the American right.
And yours and your cults problem is that you can't keep a movement together like that in the long run.
Your getting to a point where it's just North Korea-level ridiculous.

The rest of the world isn't uniformly liberal as you seem to believe. Fox News anchors certainly aren't, but when the lies become so obviously stupid and transparent that everyone can see through them the wheels are coming of the Trump-buss.

You can continue to believe anything you like of course, but there is no way refusing to accept basic reality will hold for four years.