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How to break Iceland's spirit 14 4, 2:56am

I thought we went over this in another comic?

No, pineapple isn't illegal on pizza in Iceland.

Their president said that he didn't like pineapple on pizza and then joked that he would ban it if he could - while visiting a school, talking to the students.
It was obviously a joke but local and then world media picked it up as a "funny story".

Most reported it like the joke it was, but some tried to milk the story even more and made it sound like he actually meant it.

Which in turn prompted him to issue a statement where he said that no, he was of course only joking and that he in fact was glad that he as president of Iceland didn't have that kind of power.

So no - that part isn't true at all.

EDIT: One incredibly funny side-effect of me correcting racists and far-right supporters on this site is that some of them feel the compulsive need to down-vote EVERYTHING I write.
Like this little comment here on the legality of pizza-topping in Iceland that's now gotten multiple down-votes in just 40 minutes. :-D