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Equality means no mercy 14 4, 3:32am


Considering Sharia basically just means "law" it's not really surprising a majority of Muslims support that concept.

Or as Wikipedias entry on Sharia puts it:

"For many Muslims, the word means simply "justice", and they will consider any law that promotes justice and social welfare to conform to sharia."

What you fail to understand (or don't want to understand) is that there isn't one single version of Sharia - just like there isn't one single set of laws in the western world.

When you think of Sharia you only think of the extreme things we westerners find abhorrent - not all the things that are basically the same as our laws.

And Muslims saying they support the concept of Sharia law isn't the same as they all supporting stoning or anything else that MAY be part of some versions of Sharia law.

Just as when we westerners say we support the concept of law, it doesn't mean we all support the death penalty. Some people do - others don't.

Being right-wing and American I would guess you do but I can tell you that most western countries actually don't have the death penalty anymore since it's considered barbaric and not worthy of a modern nation.