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Equality means no mercy 14 4, 4:11am


No, that's not what Sharia law means - the meaning is clearly more fluent then that.

Some Islamic fundamentalists would like your description to be the case and far-right fundamentalists like you also like to pretend that's the case - but that doesn't make it the case.

Your both fundamentalist camps constitutes a few percent of the worlds population so you don't get to decide that.

No, the legal system of Sweden certainly won't be based on Sharia law in 13 years. But I hope you remember that you believed that when we get there so you get to see your hopes crushed.

Sweden's been around a lot longer that the US and we'll be here and doing just fine in 13 years too.

Unless Trump's managed to blow up the world before then of course. With his tiny little fingers on the button nobody can be entirely sure any of us will be here tomorrow.