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Equality means no mercy 16 4, 12:03am


That's a large part of SD:s party leader Jimmie Åkessons job too - explaining why the racist things some SD politician just said isn't actually racist (if it was said by one of his close personal friends in the part leadership), or pretend he's upset and surprised that yet another SD politician said something racist - if it's someone else in the party.

They've instituted a "zero tolerance" policy against racism that only works on local politicians and other then Jimmies personal friends in the leadership.
People are kicked out of the party ever month if not more - but some have the protection of Åkesson whatever they say or do.
Either because he wants to keep them around or because they have dirt on him that they could hurt him with if he didn't always protect them - no one really knows.

Right now two of their members of parliament are subjects in two different criminal investigation and Åkessons mother-in-law has forced out of the party but refuse to leave her parliamentary seat since she get's well paid for doing absolutely nothing.

Yes, the Swedish Liberalerna is doing terribly right now. They've spent the last decade trying to portray themselves as the best party on education issues and their party leader was minister of education for 8 years in the right-wing government we had.

But every single indicator only shows that Sweden's schools have become worse during that time, so they don't have much creditability left.
They've also - like the other right-of-center-party Centern have gone far to the right politically during this time so they've made themselves pretty useless as a party since we already have Moderaterna.

As I think I said before - why vote for a clone of Moderaterna when we already have that party?

So they tried reclaiming their liberal heritage by renaming themselves to "Liberalerna" - but since they basically aren't liberal any longer it just look like a desperate marketing-scheme.

It also didn't help that they chose a new logo in the shape of an "L" for "Liberalerna" that just looks like a dick...