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Equality means no mercy 16 4, 2:33am


Yes, I live in Stockholm.

Well most of this isn't actually fueled by people who just believe a "hype" but people who for ideologically political reasons actively want to believe anything bad they hear about Sweden.
That's especially true for American right-wingers like v0ider here.

He doesn't know shit about Sweden except what his far-right hate sites told him and all they know is based on the fact that we've taken in a lot of immigrants and their mistaken belief that we're some sort of communist society.
So iaccording to their world view everything obviously must be totally shit in Sweden.

Swede's who spread this nonsense on basically fall into two categories:

Those that deliberately exaggerate any problems in Sweden and try to blame them on immigration, and those that read and hear that kind of exaggerations and doesn't know any better.

That last group are basically the only ones believing in any hype - the rest are ideologically motivated to spread any lie since they see it as an acceptable part of their ideological struggle against the evils of foreigners and the political left.

And of all these people virtually non have any own experience of living in these areas, of course.

But like I and others who actually have lived in these areas have said a number of times here on Satw - this is just complete bullshit.

Yes - there are problems in some areas of Sweden of course - just like in any nation.
But Swede's aren't being terrorized and there is no Sharia-law being enforced and all the other nonsense you hear repeated if you listen to the far-right.

And no area in Sweden has a murder-rate anywhere near major US cities, of course.