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Equality means no mercy 17 4, 7:43pm


I'm simply restating how the democratic system in Sweden works.
You're not happy with that since it doesn't produce the outcome you would wish - but that's not really a serious argument against it.
It's just partisan whining because you don't get to see your wishes come true.

Your proposals all go against fundamental democratic values - you just don't see or care about that since you only interest here is clearly seeing the personal opinions you hold gain more influence.
But it's still a fact that people who share your opinions on immigrations are in the minority in Sweden and as such they shouldn't actually have more influence then they have.

Unless, like I said, you want to get rid of democracy and force your minority opinions on the majority.

Otherwise you get to accept the democratic rules we have and do a better job of either attracting supporters to your cause until you reach 50% of the vote in a national election, or your politicians will have to do a better job of negotiating with other parties to form a coalition.

That's just the rules of Swedish democracy.