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How to break Iceland's spirit 20 4, 9:09pm

@Namitsu America doesn't have "American food" in terms of pizza the 3 big types I know of are New York style which is about as thin as normal pizzas but are so greasy I often see people hold their pizza so that the grease drips off, Chicago which is a deep dish pizza that is practically an actual pie, then there is commercial pizza which you can get all over the world at places like dominos or pizza hut. But generally Americans do think the same as the rest of the world when we here the phrase "American food": burgers, hot dogs, bbq, fries, and pizza.

I work at a pizza place that serves mostly the New York style as the owner came from Brooklyn and spent some time in Italy and Sicily so we have a Sicilian style pizza which is deep dish with some spices on the crust. We also have some preset pizzas (think meatlovers pizza) that are inspired from different places in Italy such as Naples, Milan, and Tuscany. The pizzas that we produce there fulfill the New York style of being grease heavy but I also like to get lots of stuff on mine such as Pepperonis, Onions, Jalapenos, Salami, and Ham.

By the way your nation is listed as Red Cross, was this a mistake like the Americans choosing Liberia or Malaysia?