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How to break Iceland's spirit 21 4, 7:42am

@Namitsu If by huge you mean diameter we make a 28 inch pizza, if you mean by toppings we can add all of those easily. The way we do pizza orders is pretty simple you can choose either a Sicilian pizza or a New York style. Sicilian is just in one size and is a square with as many toppings as you like. If New York style you have 4 sizes, 10", 14", 16", and 28". For what goes on the different sizes we have presets like Meatlovers and such which get weirder and weirder down to a bbq sauce, sirloin steak, and cheddar cheese. Then you can have for sauces: Alfredo, Ricotta, Pizza, Marinara, barbeque, or buffalo, default is pizza sauce. Then we have multiple different cheeses but unless specified we use mozzerella. Then you can have any toppings you want on top with normal stuff being Pepperoni, Sausage, Onions, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers and bacon but we also can use weird stuff like artichoke, broccoli, and chicken.

Also on terms of flags I think my favorite has to be the state flag of Austria, the Eagle looks pretty bad ass with the broken chains but it isn't used on here, and even if it was it would be to small to tell.

America wearing England's shirt