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Turn it up to 11 23 4, 12:23am

@Mecharic "Hate speech" is a phrase you use to suppress speech that you hate.

You do yourselves and your peers a disservice when you use name calling to try to rebut those you disagree with. If the guy is so wrong, why not listen to what the guy has to say - record it and transcribe it even? Then you can write a point-by-point rebuttal for your student newspaper. You'll feel good about writing it (anyone who argues on the internet knows how good it is to demolish someone else's arguments), and your peers will benefit from knowing WHY the guy is wrong instead of just knowing that SAY he is wrong.

You can't prevent everyone from hearing Yiannopoulos's words forever. Wouldn't it be better to equip them with the reasons to reject his speech if his speech is so bad?

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